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Keep Them Coming Back...

Your website doesn't need to wow, dazzle, or knock people out of their seats. Your website should be a reflection of how your product or service can solve people's problems. That's where great website copy comes in. Start-ups and small businesses need great website copy more than any other business.

Here's Why:

Start-ups and small businesses have to build trust with customers, showing they can solve their problems especially when they're just starting out

Start-ups need to show investors they're making the right choice by investing in their brand, and with poor content marketing and customer retention start-ups will find themselves with little ROI

Website copy is 90% more effective than design. Shocking, I know. But true. If your brand's messaging doesn't resonate and speak to your target audience, your website design doesn't matter 

Small businesses and start-ups usually don't have the dedicated man or woman power to push their marketing to new heights and find themselves lacking in this area when they don't work with a dedicated copywriter and marketer 

When your copy works your customers will keep coming back

It's that simple 

Here's How It Works:

My 3-Step Process for Punchy, Cultivating Sales-Driven Website Copywriting

Brand Questionnaire

I’ll send over a branding questionnaire, to get some key details about the brand, the vision and why you love it so much. 


From there, I craft the copy, capturing the brand’s style, voice, and message. Then, I’ll send you a wireframe (a document that maps out where the specific copy should be placed for optimal performance). 


 Once received, you’ll be able to review the copy and add any suggestions or changes via video call with me. After edits are made, you’ll receive a final copy of the wireframe while I send over the document to your web designer, so you know all is taken care of and you can focus on other things or go lounge at that beach. Totally up to you!

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