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Website Copywriting Samples

Below you'll find samples of my website copywriting work. This type of copy has helped businesses speak directly to their target audience, generate more sales, and build trust with prospective and current customers. Web copy is an important part of a website and businesses' marketing strategy.  

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Landing Page


The goal of the site was to create upbeat, punchy copy that not only engages readers but also takes them on an informative ride, explaining what indie filmmaking is, the hardships of working in indie film and ways to break through the red-tape of the filmmaking world. 


Product Landing Page


Short and concise copy that will have the user wanting to know more was the goal with this project. As well as showcasing, without too much detail, that this training app was specifically made for people who are on the go and trying to get in workouts when they can. 


About Page 

CPA/Financial Advisory Firm

Often when people discuss finances, there's a certain air of uncertainty, stress or obligation. Rarely is discussing fun and exhilarating. With this specific copy, I made a point to drive home the physical benefits of working with a financial advisor while highlighting the emotional benefits like living a stress free life when it comes to handling finances. 

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