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At Indigo Writing Agency, I offer copywriting and video content services to help start-ups, small businesses, fashion and beauty brands, and more grow and reach their goals. The services I offer are tailored to meet each client's unique needs, and I work closely with you to ensure that your vision is brought to life in an engaging and effective way.

I curate high-quality blog posts to help bring your business to the next level. Whether you need content for SEO, brand-building, or an increase in organic traffic, blog posts are informative and engaging, and help build an information hub for your readers to increase user retention while ranking higher on Google.

Crafting highly converting email campaigns and newsletters is an art. I understand the power of words and work with clients to develop engaging and persuasive copy that speaks directly to the reader, and drives sales and enhances customer loyalty.

Email Segmentation

An essential part of digital marketing that not many copywriters handle. I can deep-dive into analytics and segmentation of the emails to ensure maximum engagement and create the highest converting content strategy for your business.

A/B Split Testing

I work with clients to launch effective campaigns that can easily be tracked and analyzed. I have the experience and the knowledge to help businesses understand what works and what doesn’t, and analyze the data to reach maximum results.

As a writer with 10 years experience, I can help you create compelling copy for your website and marketing materials. Whether you need help crafting a brand voice, developing a messaging strategy, or simply refining your existing content, I've got you covered.

Social Media

I'm dedicated to helping brands find their audience and create a meaningful connection with them. I help clients by crafting unique brand messaging through social media and create a content strategy with a calendar that ensures your brand is always top of mind while staying abreast to social media trends.

Video Content

With a background in film/TV, I have unique storytelling skills to help create dynamic and engaging video content for businesses and organizations. My mission is to capture the essence of my clients’ brands and bring that feeling to life in the form of compelling visual stories for social media ads, that ultimately resonate and convert the audience.

Commercial Scripts

Having written dozens of scripts for TV and film, my skillset in crafting video scripts for corporate training, YouTube channels, and commercials are unmatched. Telling a story is different than selling a story, and I work with clients to achieve the best possible messaging that not only tells the brand's story but also turns potential customers into returning customers. 

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5 Content Marketing Hacks for Start-Ups and Small Businesses 

These 5 proven content marketing hacks will have your start-up or small business leading the charge when it comes to marketing. 

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