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Email Marketing is Essential

Start-ups and Small Businesses can make a huge impact when creating and fostering trust and authority with email campaigns and email marketing. 

"I think we'll just skip sending email campaigns this week" - 

Said no e-commerce brand, ever. 

Inbox marketing is how brands have built million-dollar months. Email marketing can be tailored in a variety of ways for a roadmap to success: 


A/B Split testing 

Segmented email campaigns 

Direct response and email conversion copy

Targeted messaging that speak directly to individuals

Email campaigns that
inspire desired actions

      Newsletters that cultivate community and trust

Start-Up Marketing Done Right

Start-ups and entrepreneurs are always asking when should you start marketing a new business?

If you have a product or service close to being launched, then the answer is simple: you should have started yesterday.

Kidding. Sort of.

Email marketing isn't an overnight process. SEO takes time to rank. Building an email list takes time. Crafting compelling copy whether for your website, blog or email campaigns take time. 

Don't Know Where to Start?

Start-ups who need to get their email marketing strategy together often find themselves not knowing where to start. You've got investors and funding but no one to create and execute a content plan. 

Start Here

Working With Me Will Help You Achieve:


Successful email marketing campaigns that deliver results

2 (1)_edited.png
3 (1).png

An increase in email engagement

Higher email open rates

On-brand messaging that builds and nurtures customer loyalty

Working with a dedicated and experienced copywriter who can help your brand deliver punchy copy straight to inboxes around the world and create an email marketing strategy that will land your brand at the forefront of your industry is invaluable. 

Marketing a Small Business is Just As Important

Even businesses that have been operating for years oftentimes don't have email marketing practices in place. Local restaurants forego emails completely, often posting on social media just a couple of times instead. That's not a marketing strategy. A strategic email marketing plan can be executed even years after a business is opened and bringing in cash. It can also be done before the business opens to create a strong grand opening and create a buzz. Marketing a new business can be simple and stress-free when you work with the right email copywriter.  

My Email Marketing 4 Simple Steps

Target the Copy

Next, I'll draft the email copy, using the brand’s tone and style, highlighting the priority messaging we've discussed in our discovery call. This can be for newsletters, email campaigns such as welcome emails, promotional emails or engagement emails.


 Once the copy is completed, and the emails have hit inboxes it's time to analyze. I'll review how the copy is doing and what if anything needs to be tweaked for the next round of emails. Which will create a smooth and seamless copy strategy that can be utilized here on out. 

next indigo site_edited.png


Depending on the scope of work, if you've opted for A/B split testing and segmentation analysis, here is where I would go in and analyze creating new segmented copy for the next round of blasts depending on how our first round of copy performed.


The goal would be to segment and split test to get the messaging to its optimal goal and use the findings to create strategic messaging moving forward that helps your business grow, connect and retain clients. 

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Free Download

5 Content Marketing Hacks for Start-Ups and Small Businesses 

These 5 proven content marketing hacks will have your start-up or small business leading the charge when it comes to marketing. 

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