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That's me on set!

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I love curating both copy and visual content for brands, that tell an impactful message. I first started out as a freelance content and copywriter in 2013, writing for a local online magazine. From there I started working freelance with an array of different companies and industries, even journalism. In the last decade, I’ve written copy and content for Fab Fit Fun, San Joaquin Magazine, Alexander Wang, Jimmy Choo, Entrepreneurs & Key Note Speakers, Start-ups and Non-Profit Organizations. 


I strategize website copy, refine call-to-actions, and create an emotional response through copy and social media commercials that lead to higher conversions. Basically, I make magic behind the keyboard. 

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I’ve worked with clients creating digital content, training scripts, website copy, email marketing, and SEO blog posts to increase organic traffic. Not to mention I’ve written over 18 film scripts, of which 12 have been produced.

The Deets

When I'm not creating copy and commercials, you can find me: 

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Auditioning for TV and/or Film. Spoiler alert: I’m an actress

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Working on my latest screenplay. #NetflixHereICome

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Producing or directing on set. I’m also an independent filmmaker - I like to keep busy!

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Feeding stray animals and helping find them furever homes. Sometimes it ends up being my home. That’s only happened three times! Check out Best Friends, a non -profit organization that helps rescue stray animals and is leading the charge in making every animal shelter, a no-kill shelter by 2025. 

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Working on my future Oscar speech…kidding. Sort of. 

Does This Sound Like You?

 You’re in the Seed Funding or Series A funding stage of your start-up and ready to get your marketing strategy into place.


    You’re a small business owner and don’t have the time to hire or train an email copywriter or employee to generate content and blogs for organic traffic.


      You’re in charge of a start-up or a small business' marketing efforts and need help with crafting the right message for your brand, and someone to assist your marketing team, of course.

If So....


Hit snooze on hiring in-house copywriters that require training.


Ditch the efforts to find an agency where your one-of-a-kind brand will get lost in the shuffle


Don’t expect your non-copywriter employees to come up with dazzling subject lines and engaging copy.


Your business deserves more than that.

It’s Time to Invest

Writing is My Jam

I know what power words have. Spoiler alert: Words have a lot of power. Think back to your favorite movie or song, is there a line that stands out? Copywriting is like your favorite line, it stirs emotions, makes you want to take action, and creates a tether between the brand and the customer. It’s like magic.

Indigo Writing Agency is a boutique copywriting company with a knack for telling stories through written and visual mediums. Storytelling is the root of everything we do. Whether it be over dinner with friends and family, the way we wear an outfit, how fast we drive during our morning commute, or the words we read on a webpage.

The story of who we are translates into everything we do. Branding is no different. Your brand has a story to tell and a problem to solve.  

Whether you're a start-up or small business, your business is new, small, large or been around for decades, your brand has a story to tell. 

Content creation doesn’t have to be something big and scary. Whether your brand is just launching or has been servicing for years, it’s important to have copy as well as visual content that sells your message and story. People are visual creatures with short attention spans. Making a quick and lasting impression is more prevalent than ever.  

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