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Email Copywriting 

 Content Writing

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Direct Response Copywriter and Lead Generation Content Writer Who Works with Start-Ups and Small Businesses


I'm Jenn.
Email Copywriter and
Content Strategist. 

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I work with start-ups and small businesses to create and implement content strategies that work like magic. 



As an email copywriter and lead generation content writer with a background in film and TV, I craft compelling words that will resonate with your target clients and help create trust, engagement, and sales through storytelling.



TLDR: I write words that make you money. And lots of it, too.

Copywriting That Never Goes Out of Style

Your start-up or small business has a message to share with the world, and how you share that message is pretty essential.


Working with an email copywriter and content writer to create effective storytelling that elicits connection and trust between your brand and customers that stands the test of time, is key. 

Not So Fun Facts

    There are a whopping 7 million blog posts published every day (cue anxiety!) don't let your content be one of the millions that get overlooked and do nothing for your business. 

   There are over 343 billion emails hitting inboxes each day. How are you standing out from the crowd?


With over 1 billion websites on the internet, and 252,000 new sites created daily, subpar       website copy isn't doing your business any favors. In fact, it's hurting your business more than helping. 

Want Your Messages To Stand Out?

Your Brand is One of a Kind

That’s why cookie-cutter email copy isn’t going to cut it. You need vivacious, punchy copy that pops out amongst the hundreds if not thousands of emails flooding inboxes a day. Let Indigo Writing Agency help.  

Organic Traffic

Paid ads are cool. What’s even cooler?


Organic traffic. Working with a content writer is more important than ever. Lead generation is a huge part of your business' marketing strategy.


The rise of AI has made it easier for brands to create a stream of never-ending content. That doesn’t mean it’s good content that’s ranking, though. When, what, and how much you post all play a role in whether or not your content is being seen.

On Brand Copy

Think you may need any of these services:

Email copy

Content writing

Website copywriting

Here’s the thing: Most start-ups and small businesses delegate website copy, content marketing, and email copy to those who aren’t experienced.


You can take a course, watch a video, or follow a template, but writing compelling messages that resonate with your ideal customers and puts your brand at the forefront in your industry is best done by professional wordsmiths.

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Free Download

5 Powerful Content Strategies for Start-Ups and Small Businesses 

These 5 tested and proven content strategies will have your start-up or small business leading the charge when it comes to marketing. 

I Eat, Breathe, Sleep Storytelling

As a content and email copywriter, with a background in film and TV (actor and filmmaker, here) I eat, breathe, and sleep storytelling. The evolution of taking clients on a journey from discovering your brand to being a loyal customer is no accident.


There’s an art to persuading someone to hand over their hard-earned cash and trusting your brand to solve their problem. It’s called messaging, and when done right, will catapult your brand.

Which Would You Like to Strengthen?

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Surging organic traffic through blog posts and SEO

Persuasive copy that leads buyers through the sale

High-converting emails campaigns 

Creating brand messaging across social media to stand out

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